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We provide advanced life insurance solutions

for business and estate planning.

Risk Resource

Advanced Life Insurance Solutions for

Business Planning & Estate Planning

Risk Resource is a nationally recognized life insurance firm that specializes in business and estate planning. Driven by a deep-seated commitment to safeguard the financial well-being of our clients, we design and implement solutions to better prepare individuals, families, and businesses for the future. Our purpose is to provide peace of mind through comprehensive life insurance and succession planning strategies.


Mike Stafford - President, LGE Design Build

I cannot speak highly enough of the exceptional service provided by Risk Resource. I have worked with Ian and his team on numerous policies over the years. They consistently demonstrate an unparalleled level of professionalism and expertise…

Greg Vogel - CEO, Land Advisors

I have felt my family and business is secure if anything happens to me. I have never been sold insurance by Risk Resource. I have only felt I have been and continue to be properly advised to suit my needs and requirements by Ian Sachs and his…

Josh Simon - CEO & Founder, Simon CRE

Risk Resource is my trusted life insurance pattern. Ian Sachs and his team provided my family and business with tremendous peace of mind. Their capabilities, knowledge in estate planning, and ongoing client services have been…

Dieter Gable - President, TBConsulting

Ian and his team have spent quite a bit of time over the years with me and my wife to discuss our specific situation. This included estate planning layered on top of inter-generational plans for options related to our children…

Jeff Ellington - President & CEO, Runbeck Election Services

Working with Ian and Risk Resource is enjoyable and simple. Ian has helped me both personally and professionally. He has established various key man products and worked through my personal needs with my family…

Lisa Autino - CFO, Caliente Construction Inc.

Risk Resource provided a couple options and Caliente Construction was able to obtain the policies we needed at competitive prices. Risk Resource and Ian Sachs did a tremendous job for us!

Jere Planck - Founder & Managing Partner, Archicon, L.C.

Your detailed, step-by-step approach to looking at companies and processes increased our profit and reduced the amount of time administering our company. This allowed us to focus on growth and additional market share…

James D. Ash - Founder, Ash Brokerage

We are the largest insurance brokerage firm in the United States, and it has been a pleasure working with the Sachs organization. They are client-focused, have a sense of urgency, always thinking long-term…


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There’s one common denominator that threads through everything this time of year, more than you realize, and that’s life insurance.

Business Planning

Is your family, your business, and the families that depend on your business prepared to live with the consequences if you do nothing? We work directly with closely held businesses to create customized strategies and solutions to prepare business owners for both the expected and unexpected.

Risk Resource Main Office

As a third-generation company with over 40 years in the industry, we have had the pleasure of serving over 2,000 business owners and their families across the country.

1 out of 3

business owners will die while owning their own business.

1 out of 4

business owners will suffer a serious illness while owning their business.

5 out of 100

business owners can maintain their same lifestyle in retirement.

3 out of 4

key people perceive that they have a better place to go.

8 out of 10

businesses close within 1 year of the owner dying or becoming ill.

7 out of 10

business owners have not prepared for the unexpected.

Schedule an appointment with us today to discuss your current business and personal needs. We take a holistic approach to reviewing inforce insurance policies and to reviewing new ones.

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Estate Planning

We provide peace of mind through comprehensive life insurance solutions for estate planning. We do this by embracing a client-centric approach that prioritizes trust, transparency, and empathy. Every need is different, which is why we remain independent and represent the most reputable insurance companies. This gives us the flexibility and freedom to find the right solutions for each of our clients.

Our Process


During the discovery phase, we take a deep dive into your unique situation and objectives. We review existing plans and documents, communicate with other members of your team (e.g., business/estate planning attorneys, CPAs, FAs, and bankers), and establish an initial outline of your life insurance needs.


After gathering foundational information, we provide you with an analysis and projection of your business and personal financial situation. The proposal phase is a comprehensive and personalized journey, meticulously tailored to address each client’s objectives.


As a dedicated independent life insurance firm with in-depth knowledge and experience in complex business and estate planning, our rigorous commitment to securing the right coverage with optimal underwriting outcomes is unwavering.

Ongoing Service

Our dedication to excellence extends to the very last phase. Once your personalized plan and life insurance policies are implemented, we review a minimum of once per year or on an as needed basis to ensure that your planning goals and objectives remain aligned with your evolving business and personal needs.