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Recent Monday Money Makers

Example Week A

During these past 3 weeks, we’ve focused our Monday Money Makers on timely concepts (perseverance, adaption, and compassion) in this time of tribulation as our world continues to face COVID-19 and its global impact. This week, we’d like to cover one more topic before switching back to our more familiar Monday Money Makers – looking ahead.

Trust the Dots
You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something – your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. Because believing that the dots will connect down the road will give you the confidence to follow your heart even when it leads you off the well worn path; and that will make all the difference.” – Steve Jobs

Prioritize through Predictability
There’s no doubt that the future will look different since the outbreak of COVID-19. We can assume with a high level of certainty and predictability that economic, regulatory, and consumer behavior will change. Prioritize how you will respond. First, address what’s most likely to be forever altered and lastly, what could be altered in ways that may not be so obvious now.

Multiple Narratives
The future holds many different narratives for us all. Think about where you want to be in the future, and then think about where you currently are today. Put together a plan starting from the end and linking it to the beginning – not the other way around. This will approach will increase your chances of ending up where you want to be.

Business Survival
We can’t assume that once the threat of public health passes, things will go back to business as usual. Focus not only on how your business will survive COVID-19, but also on a strategy for what’s likely to happen in the future.

The Future is Bright
Historically, all pandemics have passed and economic downturns have been temporary. This current story is no different. We need to constantly remind ourselves that this too shall pass. We have all had moments of weakness, especially during these past few weeks. In this current state that we are all in, focus your energy on the positive aspects of life – family and friends, hobbies, and time for yourself. The future is still bright.

Example Week B

With the growing concern around coronavirus (COVID-19) and its overall impact on public health, the economy, and the world as a whole, we wanted to focus this week’s Monday Money Maker concepts on compassion.

Compassionate Leaders
Now more than ever, being a leader comes with an intensified lens. You are under a new microscope that has never been used to evaluate your actions. Whether you’re a business owner, manager, or decision-maker in the community (to name a few), it’s time to step up and bring the needs of others to the forefront. Actions that genuinely display compassion towards others who look up to you will pay major dividends when we return to normalcy.

Compassionate Team Members
You never know what goes on behind closed doors. Think about your own life and the personal challenges that you face each day, but choose not to make public. Your team members need you and you need them. Be prepared to help pick up the slack where it exists. We are all facing challenging and unprecedented times, but some may be more affected than others in ways we may not know.

Just be Kind
This is not the time to exploit the misfortunes of others. People are getting laid off by the millions, businesses are running at slim margins or even at a losses, and toilet paper is a scare resource. Don’t poach your competitors or take advantage of someone who is desperate, and metaphorically and broadly speaking, don’t hoard all the toilet paper. There are enough resources to go around if everyone cooperates. Maintain your dignity, integrity, and industry standards.

Support Your Community
Support your local businesses, vendors, clients, charitable causes, and neighbors. Think about all of the people that make a positive difference in your life and in the lives of others and look for ways to support them. As the aphorism goes, “a rising tide lifts all boats”

Live in a World of Abundance
The abundance mindset provides a deep inner sense of security and personal worth. The scarcity mindset is the belief that there will never be enough which results in stress, anxiety, and fear. Neither is right or wrong, but there is one thing that is certain – they are both mindsets. Gear your belief system towards the abundant mindset. This is essentially the key to all of the other Monday Money Makers listed above.

Example Week C

With the growing concern around coronavirus (COVID-19) and its overall impact on public health, the economy, and the world as a whole, we wanted to focus this week’s Monday Money Maker concepts on adaptation.

Focus Inward
Our current economic landscape is uncertain. Testing new markets is not going to serve as an effective use of your resources. Now is the time to double down on your current clients and customers by making sure that you are serving their needs to the best of your ability.

Stay Responsive
Make sure that you continue to remain responsive. Whether it be a quick email reply or phone call – or even an auto-reply message – make sure that you are doing your best to assure your customers that you’re still on the grid. Of course, circumstances may vary, but try and focus your efforts on staying reachable.

Divide and Conquer
It’s very difficult at this time for many companies to operate “business as usual”. Our daily roles are changing as society ramps up its efforts to maintain social distancing and working remotely. Discuss with your team how your roles and responsibilities can better be divvied up to best ensure overall productivity.

Mass Message
Yes, everyone’s inboxes are blowing up with COVID-19 emails about the appropriate steps and precautions that each organization is taking. It seems redundant but is also important. Whether or not your business has been hindered, make sure that you are letting everyone that is affected by your services know how you are pivoting and addressing the obstacles and challenges.

Relax and Embrace!
This past week has been strange for us all, but everything has a silver lining. Spend more time with those that you are quarantining with and reach out to long-lost friends to strengthen bonds, build relationships, and most importantly – relax! Our society has come to a screeching halt. Take this opportunity to embrace our new speed as we continue to adjust to our new (and hopefully very temporary) situations.