Slaying the Demons: How to be in Business Today and Still Sleep at Night

By: Nate Sachs

The demons come in the dead of night. As a business owner, you lie wide awake at 2:00AM in the morning, staring at the ceiling. You wonder:

  • What If I Don’t Want to Do This Any Longer?
  • What If Something Happens to Me?
  • What If I Lose a Key Person?
  • What If I Don’t Improve Cash Flow and Continue to Grow My Company?

Without weapons to slay these demons, you feel powerless and vulnerable. You feel horribly alone. There is also no one you can talk to about these demons because no one would really understand what you are talking about.

That’s why Nate Sachs, consultant to business owners for more than 40 years, wrote Slaying the Demons. In The Book, Sachs outlines the major demons that bedevil business owners and explains a Blueprint approach to slay each one in turn. With practical, insightful advice based on hands-on experience, Sachs gives you everything you need to enjoy a better business, a better life, and a good night’s sleep.

Every Day is a Sunday: How to Design a Blueprint for the Rest of Your Life

By: Nate Sachs

You have left the Monday-through-Friday workweek behind as you enter an exciting, new phase of your life. Where do you go and what do you do now that Every Day is a Sunday?

In this book, Nate Sachs offers practical advice and helpful guidance based on first-hand experience from those business owners who have left the daily grind behind them as they move on to their “years of gold”.

Nate truly believes that the best part of a business owner’s life can be the part after they transition out of their business. He tackles the tough issues of transition: emotional, intellectual, psychological, financial, relationships, and physical. With 80% of all business just dying a natural death; 90% of all business owners who have transitioned feeling they financially got “a bad deal”; and 75% of all business owners who have transitioned regretting they did it all, Nate’s program is a must for any business owner.

The Top 5 Secrets to Building Wealth

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When you’re about to make a financial purchase – or any buying decision for that matter – where is the first place you typically go to do research? Your answer might be the Internet or TV or Radio or any other media outlet. The financial advice that is distributed in these outlets are typically traditional methods that are targeted to a certain demographic, but the question really becomes: are you that demographic?

You may consider yourself quite normal, but you may find out that the amount of income you make is actually uncommon. Shockingly, the Top 25% of Americans make +$79,000/year. This is defined as “uncommon income”. And these individuals are paying 86% of the government’s revenue – also known as taxes.

The Top 25% don’t have a cash flow problem. They have a tax problem. So those media outlets you would use to do your research target the bottom 75% of the population because they want to get the most amount of books sold or shows watched.

With an uncommon amount of income, you must seek out uncommon financial advice. This e-Book is a great start.

How to Escape the Retirement Tax Trap

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This consumer guide shares the 5 principles the top 25% of income earners use to grow and protect their money in the most tax-efficient and safe manner.