Our Process

We create simplicity out of often complex life insurance objectives. As your trusted advisor, we focus on adding value to your life while working around your schedule and individual needs. The insurance industry has traditionally functioned under a distribution model for doing business.

At Risk Resource, we continue our relationship for decades and often generations after the initial implementation of a plan and its policies. We not only keep a very close eye on the insurance industry, but we also monitor changes in the economy, financial markets, tax code, and ongoing legislation to ensure that the performance of your insurance policies and the broader plan account for those changes.

Our process follows four simple steps: Discovery, Proposal, Implementation, and Ongoing Service

  • Discovery

    During the discovery phase, we take a deep dive into your unique situation and objectives. We review existing plans and documents, communicate with other members of your team (e.g., business/estate planning attorneys, CPAs, FAs, and bankers), and establish an initial outline of your life insurance needs. At the outset, we engage in a thorough consultation to understand our client’s financial aspirations, business requirements, and family dynamics.

  • Proposal

    After gathering foundational information, we provide you with an analysis and projection of your business and personal financial situation. The proposal phase is a comprehensive and personalized journey, meticulously tailored to address each client’s objectives. We carefully evaluate a multitude of approaches while considering various life insurance models and products. Our due diligence involves analyzing policy terms, premiums, coverage options, and the financial stability of carriers to propose the most suitable plans. We also consider the tax implications, business and estate planning aspects, and potential investment components of these policies. We ultimately present a selection of well-informed choices that not only safeguard an individual’s loved ones and business interests, but also align with their broader financial ambitions.

  • Implementation

    As a dedicated independent life insurance firm with in-depth knowledge and experience in complex business and estate planning, our rigorous commitment to securing the right coverage with optimal underwriting outcomes is unwavering. During this phase, we collaborate closely with our clients to gather detailed medical and lifestyle information. This data allows us to liaise with a range of insurance carriers, leveraging our relationships and industry expertise to negotiate on our clients’ behalf. We double-check every detail, ensuring accuracy and congruence with our client’s objectives, and lastly execute the policy in conjunction with implementing the decided set of plans, offering peace of mind.

  • Ongoing Service

    Our dedication to excellence extends to the very last phase. Once your personalized plan and life insurance policies are implemented, we review a minimum of once per year or on an as needed basis to ensure that your planning goals and objectives remain aligned with your evolving business and personal needs. It’s our job to make sure we monitor the market and industry changes to provide the ongoing care and support that we’re known for.