[Nate’s] presentation was highly engaging by the participants and highly successful as many participants have already reached out to Nate for additional support, especially in succession planning, which has been a big topic for all.

I personally think he would be a great addition and a terrific guest speaker for all the CEO and emerging Round Table participants, especially on what it means to prepare for the unexpected. He has a great story to tell and there are several people that I know that would highly recommend him as an added value to Round Table discussions.

Mark S. Lewis
Coach/Speaker/Author/Entrepreneur, Communique LLC

Dear Nate,

You have been a valuable resource and become a good friend since we first met a few years ago. We would like to offer this letter as an introduction tool for you to use with other members of The United Group (“TUG”), or any business owner, who has not thoroughly strategized and documented the continuity of their business for a planned or sudden succession.

As you may remember, we met following work you did with TUG president Tobie McKown to ensure the long-term leadership stability of that organization. Although we had an outstanding and trusted team of professionals in place at our company (CPA’s, estate attorneys, financial planners), it intrigued us to learn that your role was that of a succession planning coach. You would help us coordinate the advice and actions of our team of advisors to ensure that our continuity plans were actionable and clearly stated, so as to avoid any confusion or conflict of management structure if the key business owner was no longer in the picture.

Your role as a coach has been valuable to us, far beyond the very reasonable, one time, flat fee that we paid a few years ago. Additionally, your planning tools, general business counsel, weekly business owner tips, and other intriguing discussions have enhanced both our profitability and peace of mind. Anyone who is a candidate for your professional service may contact us to learn more about our experience with you. We think those candidates might include any companies with owner(s) or manager(s) where the business would be negatively impacted if that individual were no longer able to be involved due to death, incapacity, or other any cause of removal from the organization. You’re the best, Nate. Thanks for all you do for us.


Jim Allen & Scot Olber, CPA
CEO & President, Allen Packaging

Gloria and I were introduced to Nate Sachs by a respected business owner in our network. We read Mr. Sachs book and, as business owners ourselves, could immediately relate to the narratives he shared regarding the threats and risks that we faced in our business. We engaged with Mr. Sachs shortly thereafter and he walked us through a fairly detailed assessment of our situation in order to determine if he had an offer of help for us. We accepted his offer to work on one of his blueprints that enabled us to put in place protection for our business in the event that Gloria and/or I were to die unexpectedly.

Mr. Sachs’ process is very methodical and detailed. He made the planning process easy on us – something that working alone we’ve never been able to accomplish. Mr. Sachs brings the help as an expert observer and adviser to set the criteria and standards that we need to think through in order to effectively plan for the worst case scenario. Where we lack the ability to think and act effectively about our current situation and desired situation, he questions us and opens our thinking.

We now hold a plan for our business that our loved ones can operate from in the event of our death. Our plan protects the business – as an asset to our children and family. We now can rest easier knowing that our family will not be as burdened as they would without this structure and direction in place.

Thank you, Nate, for your expert help. We place a great deal of trust in you and your advice and recommend your services to other business owners.

Wayne Klug
Founder, President & CEO, Spectrum Technology Solutions


I have been working with you and your team for over 6 months now following your “Blueprints For Tomorrow” process and I just had to write and tell you how absolutely incredible it has been. It should be called “Blueprints For Today and Tomorrow”. In addition to really helping me think through and plan for what to do to succeed going forward and learn how to work “on” my business and not just “in” my business your process has caused me to develop ideas and strategies that make me a far more effective and efficient company today!

Your process has helped me get exquisite clarity about staffing needs, revenue growth and organizational effectiveness. I started this process wanting to get ideas and plans for how to either prepare my business for sale or to develop some more thoughtful exit strategy because that’s what I though Blueprints for tomorrow was. Boy was I wrong! It is indeed that but it is so much more.

Your personal guidance and coaching has been a very important part of the process as well and I have no advisor to me and my company that I respect more than Nate Sachs.Thanks for getting me involved in Blueprints for Tomorrow. It has made a huge difference and I think any owner of a business would be crazy if they didn’t explore what this incredible process can do for their business.

Jerry Acuff
CEO, Delta Point, Inc.

Dear Nate,

I would like to thank you for the work and collaboration you have done with my company. Your approach to the review of companies and their positioning for the exit of the owner is insightful. Many owners, such as me, look for companies that will consult with us and with no strings attached to the sale of a product.

Your detailed, step-by-step approach to looking at companies and processes increased our profit and reduced the amount of time administering our company. This allowed us to focus on growth and additional market share.

Jere W. Planck
Founder & Managing Partner, Archicon, L.C.

Nate Sachs helped me clarify the issues I am facing with my business and personal life, Further, he helped me develop a plan to make sure my business survives me, and my family is fine after I am gone. His thoughtfulness with the estate, insurance and business decisions I needed to make was invaluable. I sleep very well knowing that those I care the most about will be OK when I am no longer here to help them.


Tom Cock
CEO, Vestory Investment Advisory

We just returned from our KILLER 3-group retreat down in Scottsdale. Since I always value hearing from you when you come across great speakers, I thought I would pass along a very good “find” we happened upon down in Scottsdale.

Nate Sachs gave a great presentation yesterday that has gotten rave reviews from all my people. His message is very supportive of everything that we do within our Groups all year long, but his sage and avuncular style held 40 people captive for 3 hours, which is no small feat. If you have any speaker openings, I highly recommend trying to book Nate Sachs and his presentation “Being in Business Today and Sleeping at Night.” Since its a wind chill of -1 outside, I think it’s a good time to head down to Orlando next! I hope to see all of you there.

Best Regards,

Tom Morgan
Vistage Group Chair