Estate Liquidity Solutions

Life insurance can be a tremendous liquidity tool to pay estate taxes within a short period of time. It can also be an effective tax-efficient and tax-advantaged asset. Most life insurance policies are less expensive than other methods to pay estate taxes and can prevent other valuable assets from having to be liquidated.

Cash Option


Liquidation Option

Discounts, fees, commissions

Borrow Option

100% +

Life Insurance

Discounted Dollars

Graph depicts potential costs per million dollars of estate tax. Life insurance insurance figure based of healthy male, age 54.

Life Insurance in Estate Planning
  • Create or increase the size of an estate.
  • Fund buy-sell agreement.
  • Insure key person.
  • Estate liquidity to pay debts, administration, and taxes.
  • Cover business debts and support business.
  • Equalize bequests to children.
  • Replace gifted assets for spouse or children.
  • Provide income to spouse and family.